SipX Android Minimum Dependencies

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General notes

The Android port is now functional. If you would like to help with further testing or adding JNI, or have any questions regarding it please contact Dan Petrie: dpetrie AT SIPez DOT com

To get an idea how to do basic setup of Android build environment for building sipX libs, refer to sipX Android Build Environment.

Libraries required

  • PCRE - refer to the issue 1344 in Android bugtracker for PCRE build instructions on Android.
  • CPPUnit. It relies on C++ exceptions heavily, so it can't be compiled with Bionic. As a temporary measure you can disable unittests build, but to make things really working on Android we should use come CPPUnit-compatible unittesting library. Probably we can write a simple set of macros, compatible with CPPUnit syntax to run our tests.
  • OpenSSL - Android seems to have OpenSSL library as a standard component (external/openssl).
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