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The sipXmediaAdapterLib provides an abstraction between the higher level sipXtapi application layer and the media subsystem. This layer was created to allow different media systems or different configurations of the media subsystem to be plugged into sipXtapi. However the sipXmediaAdapterLib layer also is a useful API layer to use the media subsystem independent of sipXtapi or even SIP.

Flowgraphs are defined in sipXmediaLib. SipXmediaAdapterLib introduces a media interface object which corresponds with a flowgraph. Through the CpMediaInterfaceFactory, one can create new mediaInterfaces/flowgraphs. Then through the abstract CpMediaInterface, one can perform operations on and control the flowgraph. The CpTopologyGraphInterface should be used (and is the default configuration) unless for some legacy reason the CpPhoneMediaInterface implementation of CpMediaInterface is needed.

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