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About sipXtapi

sipXtapi is a comprehensive set of libraries and software development kit (SDK) for SIP-based user agents (for end point and server applications). It includes SIP signaling support as well as a robust media framework ( sipXmediaLib). A complete and very feature rich softphone can be built easily by adding a graphical user interface on top of sipXtapi. sipXtapi and its underlying libraries were engineered to be embedded into existing applications to add real-time communications. A vast set of operating systems are supported and new ones are easily added due to the sipXportLib abstractions. sipXtapi is appropriate for low end embedded systems, standard PCs and large scale server solutions requiring media processing.

The original technology was donated to SIPfoundry by Pingtel Corp in March of 2004 when Pingtel decided to adopt an open source business model. The sipXtapi technology is considered well tested and very interoperable with other SIP devices. SIPez LLC has been maintaining sipX since 2005 and provides commercial support and services. In the last year many new features have been added, especially in the media processing side:

  • Wideband and HD Voice Support
  • A large set of supported codecs and easy plugin codecs
  • Conference bridge with advanced bridging and mixing functions for endpoints and servers
  • RTP Transport over Multicast, UDP and TCP
  • STUN and TURN support
  • Support of multiple input and output devices (e.g. mics and speakers)

(see sipXmediaLib for details)

sipX Libraries

  • sipXtapi - high-level telephony API library, hiding complexity of all underlying libraries.
  • sipXcallLib - manages call signaling and media state, workhorse for sipXtapi.
  • sipXmediaAdapterLib - media processing API, abstraction to allow different media implementations.
  • sipXmediaLib - media processing library.
  • sipXtackLib - HTTP, XML RPC, MIME and SIP signal handling library.
  • sipXsdpLib - SDP media codec negotiation and handling library.
  • sipXportLib - sipX OS portability library. Provides the base for all other sipX libraries.

Example applications

sipXtapi library have following example applications under sipXcallLib/examples folder:

  • placeCall/receiveCall - console example and testing applications.
  • sipXezPhone - wxWidgets based GUI sample application.

sipXmediaAdapterLib to date have only one example application in its sipXmediaAdapterLib/examples folder:

  • mstream - console application for sipXmediaAdapterLib controlling.


Recon is an exciting marriage of comprehensive sipXmediaLib media processing facilities with well known reSIP SIP handling library. You may find more information on recon official wiki. Don't forget to check out recon's very nice console example/testing utility testUA.


Before asking a question on the mailing list, please, look through Frequently Asked Questions and search mailing list archive.

Platform Support

Android is now functional!! sipXtapi is developed under WIN32, WinCE, and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit). MacOS support is available, but requires some tuning and refactoring as the OS X support has fallen a little behind. sipX is also used on Solaris, VXworks and Symbian. If you are interested in being the advocate for a particular platform, by all means please lets us know on the mailing list.


sipXtapi is distributed under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

sipXtapi is developed in open source and hosted as part of the sipX line of projects available from SIPfoundry. It is licensed under LGPL, which allows commercial usage of the library without the viral infection commonly associated with GPL. Essentially, you may use the code as-is and build on top of it without exception, however, if you modify the existing code (e.g. bug fix or feature enhancement), you must make changes available under LGPL. For more information on open source licensing, please see .



Repository URL: (browse)
Maintainers: Daniel Petrie and Alexander Chemeris 
Status: Active
Build Status Changelog-3.3
  • Prefer Git?

The subversion repo is now mirrored on github


Repository URL: (browse)
Maintainers: Daniel Petrie and Alexander Chemeris 
Status: Active, Stable; Receive only bugfixes.


Repository URL: (browse)
Maintainers: Bob Andreasen 
Status: Active; after stabilization will be merged back to main.
Branch Information: sipXtapi-AOL branch


Repository URL: (browse)
Maintainers: Alexander Chemeris 
Status: Inactive; Includes video support for Win32.

Getting Started


(Unfortunately we have lost our mailing list archive at SIPfoundry. This is a new list.)


In order to contribute code or other source material to sipXtapi, you must first execute the SIPfoundry Contributor Record; yes, we know that other projects don't always do this. Once this is complete, please email the sipxtapi-dev mailing list with your changes.

Project Coordinators

Bob Andreasen
Daniel Petrie


Alexander Chemeris
Scott Godin
Keith Kyzivat
Mike Mammarella
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