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What you need

To check out a project read-only, you don't need anything but a subversion client (there are several - see the Subversion download page) and the URL for the project repository.

We are running subversion server 1.4.3; your client must be compatible with that revision (the 'svn' command line client uses the same revision number sequence as the server; any other client should be able to report the version of the subversion library, which should also be the same number).

Source checkout

For the sipXtapi project, the top level repository URL is

And the repository browser is [http:/ here].

Typically, you will only want to check out one branch or tag (main is really just another branch. We recommend using the following command to check out the latest sources (use "https" instead of "http" if you have write access):

svn checkout sipX

The checkout command (argument 2) checks the source code out from the repository at the given URL (argument 3) into a new directory called sipX (argument 4) in the current directory. You may substitute URLs for other sipX branches if you wish to work with a branch other than main.

To check out sources from another branch or tag, use:

svn checkout

Source browsing

You can browse sipX libraries sources and commits with the nice ViewVC web-interface at

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